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Writing to Innocence

Defamation Steals Valor

This woman Debbie Maran just won't quit. This is my response to her accusations of stolen valor. 

Retort by Richard Speights

Lisa, The PhD

A look at a letter from Lisa

Argumentation Through Belittlement  

Report by Richard Speights

Herr Speights Sinus Theory Debunked--NOT
An answer to Debbie Maran's blog, full of baseless assumptions, twisted logic and the worst English one can imagine

Report by Richard Speights

Tsunami of Errors

A Look At The Illiteracy of Debbie Maran

Report by Richard Speights

The Critic

More Monkey Business

Debbie Maran critiqued my writing. The mind does not know what the mind does not know 

Report by Richard Speights

The thrust of this page is my stand on the Jodi Arias Trial and the arguments people have used against me and my stand for rightness in the court. Unfortunately, most of the arguments have been directed at my person rather than my assertions. This is a shame, but it's part of human nature to resort to these attacks when a good counter-argument is unavailable. 


The Battlefield Upon

Which Two Sides Test For Truth

Essays and Reports On Argumentation,

Its Art And Craft 

And The Fallacies People Often Use

Monkey Business

Dr. Debbie Maran is not really a doctor, but she thinks she knows as much as one 

Report by Richard Speights

Slaying The Messenger

Attack Of The Verbal Junkyard Dogs

Report by Richard Speights