If you know this nurse's current location and employer, please use the contact page. 

UPDATE: It is possible Deborah Ann Maran, registered nurse, currently works in a nursing home in Florida. If you have a parent in a nursing home, check the staff for this nurse. If she is capable of pulling this stuff online, what is she capable of doing in the real world?

Check the staff at your medical facility for this nurse. 

Help me find her employer, so they can make her stop her online antics. 

Stop defaming me, Maran. Take down the offending essays. 

This is Registered Nurse Deborah Ann Maran. As a nurse, she is ​

conducting herself most unprofessionally, writing defamation

in the guise of argumentation. 

I Need the name and address of her Current Employer to advise them

of her deplorable actions before she becomes an Albatross

draped around their neck. 

Deborah Ann Maran is a registered nurse, licensed in Ohio and Florida. She may have moved to or traveled to Florida recently. It is possible she is working in a nursing home. Her husband is divorcing her, but he does not know her current location either. 

She is married to John Maran, who filed for divorced on April 6, 2015 (Married in 2005). 

Maran used to work for St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center,Toledo, Ohio, as a registered nurse. 

Debbie Maran 

Deborah Ann Maran

Registered Nurse

Maiden Name

Deborah Ann Brandeberry 

​From Toledo, Ohio

Possibly now living in Florida

Richard speights

Writing to Innocence

Ohio Nursing License Number
License Expiration Date
License Original Issue Date

Florida Nursing License Number
License Expiration Date
License Original Issue Date


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