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Writing to Innocence

Jodi Arias is not a monster.

She's just a girl.  

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The project is coming along nicely. May 7, 2008

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Some studies reveal the American legal system falsely convicts up to ten thousand innocent people annually of crimes they did not commit—ten thousand people every year. Even half that amount is an outrageous number. Casting innocent people in prison seems an odd response to a perceived rising crime rate.

When prosecutors and police manage such a staggering statistic, it shows they have forgotten the value of innocence. 

Chris and Skye Hughes and Jacob and Hollie Mefford appeared on HLN, claiming having looked into Jodi Arias’s eyes they found emptiness, a soulless witch. Look at the images of Jodi Arias copied from her MySpace page.

I’ve looked these images over, and I don’t see it. These are not the images of a soulless witch but images of a young woman like any other young woman you might see anywhere anytime.

Their impression of Jodi Arias had been formed through their prejudice against her. She was an outsider, and unfamiliar outsiders found themselves unwelcomed by the group. this circle of Alexander's friends. Nonetheless, for the world to decry this young woman as evil to underpin her murder conviction is as spurious as pretending someone does not exist simply because one covers his eyes.

Look at the images below. Jodi Arias is not evil. She is not a witch. She is simply a young woman struggling to survive a desperate situation. 

Images from Jodi Arias's MySpace page.

And when shall a man stand for right? When it is convenient? When the world agrees and pats him on the back, heralding his name? If so, then standing for right would be an easy affair, full of wine and roses and sweet smelling perfumes.

The time when a man stands for right is rarely convenient, often most inconvenient. The world will disagree with sharp words, smashing the soul like blows to the mouth, libels and slanders galore. Judge that man not by the evil spoken against him but by his strength of character as he faces a belligerent world, stinking in its ranker. 

Until Arias's exonerated, this page, in my name, is dedicated to prosecutorial misconduct, constitutional values, argumentation, trial by media, trial by social media, and fairness.

If evil should befall the least of us, it can befall any of us. Stand up and demand the system follow the constitution and the values upon which our Forefathers built this great country. 

Jodi Ann Arias Is Innocent