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Writing to Innocence

Putting Together The Puzzle

Piece by Piece

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Gold-Plated Counterfeit

The Fool's Gold of Multilevel Marketing Sales

Essay by Richard Speights

Earth-Centered verses Sun-Centered 

The big picture can fool the eye and taint the truth. Everything you've seen has said Arias is guilty of murder. But as the apparent retrograde moment of mars disproved the Earth-centered solar system, so the details in the evidence disprove Arias's guilt.

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Slaying The Messenger and Other Things

Reports and Essays by Richard Speights

Who Sent the John Doe Email of December 8, 2007
Someone sent a harsh, pointed email to Lisa Andrews concerning her relationship with Travis Alexander. Fingers point to Jodi Arias, but are those fingers pointing at the right person?
Report by Richard Speights

Defensive Hand Wounds

Are wounds on the hands always defensive?

Article by Richard Speights

Lie By Omission

Dr. Kevin Horn failed to tell the truth. 

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The Pictures

Photos of the wounds in question and other things. 

Autopsy Report and Line Drawings

Dr. Horn's Autopsy Report on Travis Alexander

Innocence: Proof of Perjury
Dr. Horn made two different statements, one in his autopsy report and one on the stand.

Report by Richard Speights

Innocence: An Argument for Jodi Arias

A Case of Self-Defense

Report by Richard Speights

Galileo learned through observations the

sun did not orbit the earth but the earth

orbited the sun.

The world did not believe, because every

morning they watched the sun rise, arch slowly across the sky, and then settle down beyond the distant horizon.

This Galileo fellow had to be off his rocker, a nut, a conspiracy theorist, a fraud. The people could see the truth--all they had to do was look up and watch the sun's progress with their own eyes.

When the Catholic Church threatened to excommunicate him for heresy, Galileo conceded and openly denounced his assertion--but upon leaving the court and under his breath, he said, "Nevertheless, it moves," that is, the earth moves around the sun. He knew the truth, no matter what the world believed.

The world sneers at the blood and the numerous wounds covering Alexander's body and whispers, "Psychotic murderer". But the wounds left when someone defends her life with a knife look just as horrible as those left through malicious intent. It takes objectivity and just a little knowledge to see through the blood to the truth beneath .