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Writing to Innocence

The .25 Automatic Pistol

The .25 automatic pistol is not a powerful weapon. 

Report by Richard Speights

Clarity - Piecing Together The Evidence
Innocence: An Argument for Jodi Arias
Innocence: Proof of Perjury

Dr. Horn's Autopsy Paradox

Two contradictory truths cannot occupy the same time and space. 

Report by Richard Speights

I wrote my first two essays in a bit of a rush. Having arrived late to the scene, I tried desperately to get my word out before verdict. I wish I had looked into these things in 2008, but I had no compelling reason to become involved in the case. My last minute effort, nonetheless, is akin to patching the hole after the boat had sunk. I am sorry I hadn’t paid attention when I first heard of this case. 

Both my first essays were long and complicated. Over the past two years, I’ve noticed how easily the complications can be misunderstood. I’ve also noticed how my detractors have used the complication to confuse the issue. It’s time to break down the information into its individual parts for clarity.

From the .25 caliber pistol to the knife wounds, all things tell their stories—if we simply know how to listen. Let’s see what these things are trying to say. 

Piecing Together The Puzzle 

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